Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change of plans

As per my training plan, i was to do intervals at the NJC track next door but I figured that since I had run hard on Monday at the Westin, I would instead do a longer but slower run this evening. Took my water bottle in hand and headed out to Bishan PCN. The plan was to run at around 9kph or a tad slower for the entire run to give my legs a much needed rest.

As it so happened, i maintained a faster pace than I should have going at about 9.3kph for the first 3-4 kms, and funnily enough, the effort really felt like i was running slower than that. I ran 6kms out, stretched my legs a bit and then came back although towards the last 3-4 kms of the run, the muscles around my shin were feeling a little tired. The 12kms was done in 1:18 which is ok considering the fact that this was meant to be a restful run - need to get the discipline to maintain slower speeds even if I could go faster.

So thats the end of March - 157kms on the road and off it as well. Things have gone according to plan better than i could have ever dreamt of, hope April plays along! :) Happy running !!

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