Friday, March 19, 2010

A great run today

When I drove back this evening from work, it was pouring cats, dogs and other assorted members of the fauna. I figured that my plan of running a 10km run had gone kaput and so asked my domestic help to make a cup of tea and a hot steaming plate of noodles. Sure enough, after i had my last mouthful of really yummy noodles, the rain stopped !! I figured that I would give myself about 20-30 mins of waiting time before deciding on whether to run or not.

At about 6.45pm, I decided that I would go for a run and if I didnt feel good, i wont push myself. As i stepped out, there was a still a thin sheet of drizzle that made me feel damp but not wet. I started and within 45 seconds, my Garmin went haywire (rain clouds?)! I reset and continued on my run hoping that it wont act quirky after that. After a decent warm-up pace of around 9kph, I felt really good for the rain had really bathed all the trees and the grass and given a fresh look to everything around me. I increased my pace to 10.5kph and ran the 2.5kms till the start of the Bishan PCN. And was I glad to have run today! The PCN strip was sublime, with the road completely deserted, water gushing in the canal next to the road, and all the trees along the strip had shed their flowers in the rain to form carpet patches on the black ribbon. It was a fantastic feeling to run and I was holding a 11+ kph pace for a considerable while. I crossed the overbridge at Braddell road, and checked my Garmin to confirm that it was overshooting by 500m. So I had to run an extra km just to ensure that I would actually be running 10kms. I turned back and was able to continue maintaining a healthy pace although after the 7km, a faint side stitch made a cameo appearance but other than that, it was truly a great day to have been out running.

Next up is a planned 21km run in McRitchie on Sunday morning (not counting badminton in 8 hours time). Just hope the rain gods are merciful !

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