Friday, March 26, 2010

Another satisfying 10k at Bishan PCN

Today was one of those days where I felt like I was in the mood to push myself! Feeling good and for some reason, happy about getting to run today. Legs were cooperating and so my 10km run started, with a prayer on the lips that it does'nt rain for the next 1 hour or so as I had taken my iphone along with me for a change to listen to some music.

The first couple of kilometres to the start of the Bishan PCN as usual served as warm-up although I did this at a slightly faster pace than usual (9.3kph). Once I got into the PCN, it was like getting a chance to release some pent-up energy. Although there was the ever so little threat of the niggle becoming nagging, i was having a fortuitous run and decided to push my luck as far as it would go. Down the 1.8km stretch before the 1st overhead bridge over braddell road, i was oscillating between 10.5kph up to 12kph. The overhead bridge is a walk-over literally and then I resumed running until crossing under the CTE and a few hundred metres ahead which marked the 5k turn. Quite a few folks out to run today, and i was overtaken by 2 guys around the 3km mark who were literally floating on the road at 13kph+. Absolutely no sign of any effort whatsoever! Several old uncles were out today too - its inspiring to see some of these guys proving that age is just a number!

I turned back and ran an equally fast return half, and in fact down the 1.8km stretch, held a 11kph+ speed for a respectable while. When i finished my run, I had clocked 61 minutes which was bearable. And more importantly, although my time hasnt improved vastly over the past couple of months, there has been a significant difference in the effort i feel i have to put in. At the end, i wasnt breathless or even fatigued, just breathing a bit heavy and feeling the worked out muscles in the leg. In fact, heart rate dropped to below 120 within 2-3 minutes of finishing the run which is a good sign.

Next up, after badminton tomorrow, is a morning 10.5km run at McRitchie, which I may decide to skip to give my knees some much (k)needed rest! Sundown training plan - So far so good !! :)

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