Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spirits of the Woods - McRitchie trail run

The morning got off to a slightly late start than usual - i was up at 5.50am as opposed to the usual 5.30am and so by the time Sumedha and I reached MR, it was already just past 7am. We had bought 2 hand-held bottles from New Balance yesterday and were keen to use them today as both a hydration pack as well as a fuel belt prove to be an overkill for a distance of 10.5kms.

We got off to a pretty slow start as part of the warm-up, going at about 8 - 8.5kmph for the first couple of kms. I ran ahead and at the 3.5km mark circled back to join Sumedha who was about 3 minutes behind me. As we went through the next 1km or so, we kept the pace steady and at a fork in the path, she told me to run at my own pace and she would follow at her comfortable pace (this was around the 4.4 km mark). From there on, I sped up to 10+kph to see how long i could sustain it given the undulating nature of the terrain. Unbelievably, i maintained a strong run (by my standards) through out the remainder of the run and in fact finished the last 600m of the run at a 11.2kph speed. I ran the first 5kms in about 36.5mins (8.2kph average), and the next 5.6kms in 33.5 mins (10kph average). Total run was 10.6kms in 70mins.

It was a fantastic run for 2 reasons - The latter part of the run was a clear indication of my improvement from 2 months before. And the second reason was after the run, I felt a little sore in my shins for about 20 mins or so and then felt completely fine after that. The first 4 weeks of training has gone as per plan. 9 more to go !! :)

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