Thursday, March 18, 2010

My training plan : Status update

I am on Week 3 of my 13 week training plan towards the Sundown Marathon on May 29th. So far, I have managed to largely stick to the plan which is a very good thing to have happened. Atleast it gives me the confidence that my plan is not overambitious. Not yet anyway. Of course, on a daily basis I have had variances but in a week, I usually cover the differences.

Up next is a 10km run this evening after I am back from work, play badminton tomorrow morning and then run 21km in MR on Sunday morning (2 loops). Running in McRitchie reservoir (the aforementioned MR) on a early Sunday morning is cathartic to say the least. I still have not done justice to all the running trails there but will soon explore a lil bit when i get the chance.

Sometime over the weekend, I am going to go and get a new pair of road running shoes. More on my gear some other time.

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