Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Signs of trouble??

I have been having a very weird niggle on my right knee, to the left side of the kneecap, accurately described as a dull pain that does not really prevent me from doing anything. I do know that if I ignored it, I am asking for trouble. Runner's knee is the last thing I want to deal with it and so if i need to back off my mileage, I should and would. I have increased my mileage quite significantly in the past several weeks and therefore need to be extra cautious.

As per my plan today, I had to do an easy paced 10k in 64 mins. I started out about 6:45pm when the evening was bright and fresh after a brief spell of rain. I didnt want to try going out at my normal speed, so ran the first few kms to the Bishan PCN in a steady gentle pace. The niggle remained but I did feel like it was easing up a bit and so picked my pace just a wee bit in the second half of the run. When I did come back home, I saw that I had run the 10k in 67 minutes which was 3 minutes outside my target but I was quite happy with that, as I didnt force myself at all and moreover, was feeling good with the effort.

My next planned run is for Friday, a repeat of the 10km I did today. I am considering changing that to a 30 lap swim rather than a run, to give my weary knees a well deserved break! And as an aside, the Bishan PCN is a great place to run for those who want pleasant, flat terrain which is not too crowded.

Training plan status: 24 days completed in the 90 day plan. And so far, so good !! :)

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