Monday, March 22, 2010

In the mind ...

I ran a very slow 7km recovery run to accelerate the recovery from yesterday's HM at MR. Ran comfortably and later found that I never went beyond Heart Zone 3 which was great. Averaged 8.4kmph for the entire run (1st 3 km splits were within a second of each other :) ). This run was the usual home loop.

Received this month's edition of Men's Health Magazine (perks of the Urbanathlon $128 registration fees!!) and they have an entire section devoted to running. However, while the questions are tolerable or good, the answers are painfully short of being anything meaningful (several of them anyway).

I have been scouring the internet reading about ultra-marathoners and their exploits. Its just mind boggling to know what some of these guys are capable of. Having read the awe-inspiring book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall 2 weeks ago, i was even more amazed to come across the profiles of a few runners who embody the spirit of running like no other.

Two people come to mind. Jenn Shelton and Tony Krupicka. There is more than enough of their lore on the internet so I am not going to add anything here. These two are truly in a league (and dare i say world) of their own. I count these two as the upstarts. In the pathbreakers group, I put together Scott Jurek, Matt Carpenter and Ann Trason. I hope to get to read more about them in the next few days to come.

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