Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweating it out ...

My wife and I had decided we would wake up early this morning and run 8km. As usual, I was the only one who woke up at a decent time (still 30mins behind the 6.15AM plan) and started out at 7.10am on what I thought would be a good time to run a hearty 10km run to the Bishan PCN. I have somehow grown to like this route for on the PCN, you are secluded, away from mainstream traffic and the only people you see are mostly fellow runners or bikers.

I thought i started out faster than usual and wanted to try something different in terms of pacing to enable my body to adapt to varying training regimes. And I knew things were not really turning out well for I was beginning to experience some labored breathing. Coming up on the PCN, i hit a 10k+ pace for the next couple of kilometres y which time the sun was beating me down and i was sweating like there was a fountain inside of me trying to get out! :) At the 5km mark, i took a short break to drink some water, stretch out and ran the second leg back again keeping 10k+ for the first couple of kms on the return and then petering out cos I was up at the CTE red light on AMK ave 1. Tried running the last km quick to keep my timing respectable - finished the 10k in 62 minutes which is ok but i didnt feel happy about the run. Need to make amends on Sunday when I will try to run a 21k at MR.

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