Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dancing in the rain ...

Actually it was more like running but yesterday evening's run was bliss! It had been pouring all day yesterday and my plans of running with the SGRrunners' CBD group got canned. Just about the time I reached home, there was a break in the rainfall and i thought, the weather now would be really cool to go out for a run.

I planned on running 16km by running the 2.4km to Bishan PCN, running 6 laps of the 1.8km stretch between Bishan Road and Bradell Road and then run back beyond my house until I hit the 16km mark. The PCN was practically deserted and it was awesome to just be by myself in the run. (Later, a few others also ventured out to take a breath of fresh air!). Lined by trees on one side, and a stream (actually a gushing sewer!) on the other, and with the smell of rain-kissed mud in the air, I knew as i ran that it was a glorious day to be out. And around the 9km mark, the rain started again and I ran through the rain - with the cool raindrops giving me much appreciated company, i steadily kept bringing the pace/km down. I am extremely happy with the run because i have never run at a more steady pace before and that too with practically no breaks (i drank water on the run yesterday).

End result ... a much satisfying 16km in 1:41.

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