Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A funny day

I didnt feel like running on Sunday morning, possibly due to the fatigue from more-than-usual discipline in the running from the weeks before. I had been wishing for it to rain and it did come down in buckets and so Sunday morning, i was tucked in with the happy knowledge that I was not running because it was raining, not because I was lazy.

Nevertheless, in the evening, i couldnt stay at home anymore and so Sumedha and I set out for an evening run in reasonably good weather out to Bishan PCN. As usual, I ran a slow pace as a warm-up and then went at an ~10kph speed on the Bishan PCN 1.8km stretch which as it panned out, I did 6 repeats of. On my way there, I ensured that whenever I could avoid running on the pavement and run on the grass on the side, I did so for I had read earlier in the day that Concrete is 10 times more hard than Asphalt when it comes to impact on the leg when running. I want to keep the miles clocked on the pavement low and the grass high with the asphalt coming in somewhere in between.

I ran a steady pace for around ~10 - 11kms in between my trip and up and down, and in total clocked the 15.32kms in 1:39 which is fairly representative of my usual race pace for that distance.

This run was 3 days ago and since then I have been slacking big time, doing absolutely nothing and trying hard to put on unforgiving weight by hogging on gnocchis and milkshakes. When I get back to Singapore tomorrow, I need to rewind the clock and start over to make up for lost time.

In gear news, I bought the Vibram FiveFingers KSO last week and intend taking it out for small runs in the week, with the intent of switching over to midfoot striking completely after my sundown marathon.

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