Monday, April 19, 2010

Yesterday and Today ...

Yesterday, i ran a 10km loop at McRitchie. The effort can be accurately described as that of an elephant going into labor. I cant think of how else to describe this forgettable outing although time-wise, i was probably 4-5 minutes off my usual pace for the distance, completing in 1:09. The reason could be attributed to either (a) the effect of a nice traditional javanese massage on the previous day or (b) the continuous running for the last 4 days on the trot. Only silver lining was that I went through kms 5 and 6 at a healthy pace (close to 10kph) which could have also been my undoing. :) Nevertheless, it was good to be back on the trails after a 3 week hiatus.

Today, as per my training plan i was to go for a 30lap swim. Since the Rain God had other plans and caused a traffic jam that made my drive back home a 75 minute ordeal, i decided that I would rather go for a run after getting home than swim (i swam 32 laps on Saturday). And given my petrified calves after my first VFF run, i figured that they were in good enough shape for their second outing which would also give enough recovery time before the Nature Run 15km race on Sunday. With a thin drizzle for company, i chose to run to the Bishan PCN than do a home loop as it would afford more mileage on asphalt than the latter which would have been mostly concrete pavements all the way. While i started off really slow (cos my objective of the running in VFFs was more of an orientation program rather than a full-on training program), i hit a neat rhythm in kms 5 and 6, with the 6th km being run at a pace close to 10kph and strangely enough felt like a lot of fun. Since i had taped the exact spot where i blistered last time on the right foot, the run today was relatively trouble free. The FFs got soaked in water midway through the run but they are meant to handle that and should do just fine.

Definitely running in VFFs has been a great source of fun-running for me. And signs that it will ring in very positive effects on the legs are all there. Look forward to more runs in them ... !!!

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