Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clarity of thought ..

I havent had such absolute clarity of thought as i did when i read the runningahead forums on Yuki Kawauchi's once-a-day run type training. The discussion was on whether doubles is better than singles, and if so, is it only under certain conditions.

In any case, Nobby emphatically stated that doubles are better than singles, and that aerobic conditioning (something which i believed to be a necessary foundation) was of utmost importance in becoming a good long distance runner. And with this bent of mind, i have tried to set myself a modest weekly mileage target of 50kms for atleast 8 weeks before i think of tweaking the numbers.

Last week was the first week of half-decent running since GCAM and i managed to hit 57kms. I am hoping that this week is similar too. The one thing that i am not doing is to worry about how fast i run .. am just letting my body dictate the pace and hopefully there is little of slacking and more of actual improvement that the body witnesses. :)

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