Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lay-off and the inevitable return ..

Today, marks 2 weeks since the GCAM. In this period, i have managed one run of 5kms. The past 10 days have been spent battling a throat infection, and when that was on its ebb, a cold and associated chest congestion made sure i didnt tie my shoelaces in a hurry and now, the past couple of days has been a mix of chest pain (i believe its hyperacidity induced heartburn) and headaches.

So its not really going great guns but i seem to be weathering this ok. Can not wait to hit the road again and gain some training momentum.

Speaking of which, having signed up for the FM at the Penang Bridge Internatinal Marathon (PBIM) on the 20th of November, i now have a target race to look forward to.

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