Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Loop 2

Determined to make up for my MR fiasco the previous day, i started out to run in the evening and wanted to do a brisk 8kms or so, near my house along some reasonably up-and-down terrain. As luck would have it, strong rainfall deterred such plans due to which i decided to have some tea (i wouldn't have had it if i was going to go running). And just as i finished my tea, the rain stopped too... Murphy mama was once again paying attention to me...

Anyway, i was still quite frustrated by yesterday and so set out to run and this time without any music (was worried that my iphone might get wet) if it started to rain ... i was clocking decent speeds on the flats and the uppy-downy trying to maintain the same speed throughout. And then a thick drizzle started. It was not an all-out rain nor was it negligible drops - it was just the perfect size for annoying runners such as myself ! :) So there i was running, soaked in sweat while it was raining and making it more humid with each passing minute.

In the end, i quit the run at the 5km mark because the rain was threatening to become a downpour and i had somehow managed to land up right in front of my condo ..

Run stats: 5km / 29:37 / Asc-desc: 224m

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