Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some updates on the running front ....

First up, I have made a training plan (or rather its WIP) for my Sundown run on May 29th which will the first time I will attempt the full distance on road i.e. the 42.195km. In 3 month run-up to the same, I will run the NE 16km run on March 14th and the Passion run 10km on May 22nd as part of my taper.

The plan yesterday was to run 2 loops in McRitchie for a total of 21km. It was a disaster. For one, i probably didnt give my legs enough rest from hectic badminton on Sat morning. And to boot, i didnt do justice to my dinner. The effect was obvious - I started running at 6:44am and was feeling fine until about the 5-6km mark after which my body went into rapid shutdown mode. The end result was when I hauled my butt over the 10km mark at 1:11:33, I figured that any more running would only end up in me jumping into the reservoir and so just sat down near the car park waiting for my wife to turn up who i thought would do some 5-6k and come back to read her book. When she came back smiling and red in the face, she told me she did 13k and it felt great!!

I had after much hunting located "Born to Run" by Christopher Mcdougall and borrowed it from the Geylang library. I finished it in less than 2 days and was glad that I had picked it up in the first place. Its an amazing read and is truly inspirational. I can only recommend it to every other runner who loves running for the pure pleasure of doing it ....

I am also toying with the idea of changing my running form to midfoot striking .. from heel striking ... need to figure out how to do that without injuring myself.

Until next time ....

Keep running !

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