Tuesday, December 15, 2009

McRitchie fiasco

Yesterday evening i tried doing my usual 10.5km run in MR thinking it would be good practice for next year's trail run. I got off to a decent start and clocked 5kms in a little over 34 minutes after which all hell broke loose. The usual trail had been cordoned off because of some renovation work (at the golf link) and i decided to take the trail next to it which was open and which i thought would be ok enough to run on ... my shoelaces came undone several times over the next few hundred metres and everytime i stopped, it was a struggle to get back on pace. Moreover i was trying out my new shoes NB 620 (all terrain) and knew that i had already blistered my little toes on both feet and that was adding to my woes... 2kms on this and i found myself on the golf course with a proper road and no trail and that completely killed my enthu to run. In the end i ended up doing a miserable 9.5kms, in a little less than 75 minutes. Gaah .. have to do this again soon ...

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