Sunday, December 13, 2009

The bike is here ...

At long last and after hours of painstaking research, seller visits and showroom trials, i bought a 2nd hand bike (which has now become 3rd hand with my purchase). Its a 2008 Giant TCR 1 Composite full carbon bike with 105 Grouppo. I reckon the bike weight is around 8kgs or thereabouts. Also bought a car rack for my sedan, will get the cycling shoes and the helmet today and i am all set.

The intent for getting the cycle is to crosstrain for my long distance running pursuit. Its going to be tricky for the next few months - i am going to concentrate running trail runs as much as possible ahead of my 50km hike/run on Feb 6th in HK, and after i have recovered from that, will try to go on a 12-16 week training schedule for the full marathon on May 29th (Adidas Sundown).

I hope changes at/of the workplace still allows me to execute the above plans.

Hope to spend the evening with an easy 10km run in McRitchie.

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