Thursday, February 3, 2011

Satisfying ....

I have surprised myself with an unbelievable / unexpected January 2011. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was expecting to labor through January just trying to get a whiff of my earlier days of running when i was decidedly more fit than i was at the start of Jan this year, what with 3 weeks of vacationing and binge eating behind me. :)

So 155kms in Jan wasnt bad at all, especially considering the fact that about 105kms of that came in just 2 weeks alone. The month could have ended better though - i was in Jakarta on work, staying at the Shangri-La and i decided to run a quick 8-10km on the hotel treadmill before leaving for dinner. When i had come back to my room earlier, my lunch had sat terribly with me and so i knew i was taking a risk trying to run in that condition. So after 1 km at 6:00 pace, i was feeling far too much discomfort that could take it no more and had to get off the TM. But then again, with an average of only 40kms the previous 3 months, i will take Jan 2011 anytime! :)

I ran a 10km today in a shade over 53 minutes - gives me confidence that disciplined training can do a world of wonder to a talent-less wannabe-athlete like me. I hope to get faster this year, a whole lot faster. 3 more weekends to Tokyo !!

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