Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ramping it up ....

In Nov-2010, i ran a grand total of 38kms.
In Dec-2010, i ran/walk once, a grand total of 42kms (Dec 5th, no runs rest of the month).

Soon after that, i was on a 3 week vacation of constant binge eating and gawking at nature's nest. Significantly, my shape became smoother (aka well rounded). :)

So when i ran my first run in Jan-11, a couple of weeks back, i had accurately likened the experience to that of a pregnant pachyderm scorching the tracks. Nevertheless, my weekly mileage for the past 3 weeks has been, 13.5kms, 34kms and now 55kms !! I have completely violated all laws of gradual mileage increase and all that but still dont have (luckily enough) any ill effects to show for it. Of course, when i was running consistently a few months ago, i was hitting the 40km weekly mark often and that i guess, helped the ramp back faster than i would have targeted.

The last couple of saturdays, i have been doing a long run (16kms and 21kms) with some of my running friends (all insanely more accomplished runners than i am) from McRitchie reservoir (but not trail though). While i would not like to admit it, its an irrefutable fact that running with friends, and more so, with better runners does a lot of good to your own running. So a big thanks to you guys - you know who you are !! :)

Today is 24th. If i can make this a 45km week, i should be able to touch the 150km mark for this month. Now, wouldnt that be nice !!!! Especially with Tokyo looming large ....

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  1. thanks for dropping by. Good luck with your Tokyo training