Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 - Where do i wanna be ...

Happy New Year folks.

The last few months have been dismal for my running and superb for everything else. Therefore there is no better time than now to set some firm goals for this year although i have flippantly mentioned wanting to do this and that ...

Some very basic objectives:-

0. Enjoy running. Feel the passion every day.
1. Run atleast 4 times a week, attempt a monthly mileage of 180kms every month
2. Have a systematic running plan preferably from one race to the next if that helps.
3. GoalSeek: Push for a 4:30 at the Tokyo Marathon on Feb 27th
4. GoalSeek: Push for a 4:15 at the Gold Coast Marathon on July 3rd.
5. 10k PR < 47m, HM PR < 1:50, FM PR < 4:00

Hopefully through proper training, i can get to a stage where i no longer worry about the statistics .. :)

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