Monday, July 5, 2010

Some more of burning rubber ...

I went for a short and easy 5km run in my VFF KSOs after a home workout around 7.30pm as I was still feeling restless and thought that a 30 min run would lift my mood quite a bit. This was my home loop run which is Lorong Chuan - Bradell - Upper Serangoon Rd - Serangoon Ave 2 - Boundary Road - Lorong Chuan.

When I ran in my KSOs last, i had worn NB toe socks as the previous few times had left me with blisters (and interestingly enough, only on my right foot). So yesterday I thought that i would run with just the VFFs on and see if the blistering situation has magically improved somehow. And ... they hadnt !! I got the blister on the exact same spot as before .. so i guess i will need to continue running in toesocks when in VFFs which is perfectly fine with me as it doesnt take away anything from the experience of running without any cushioning whatsoever.

The one thing i have trouble doing in VFFs is maintaining my speed .. even if i want to run a steady pace, i invariably end up going faster towards the latter half of my run. Need to bring my sensibilities into view ....

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