Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cranking it up at Fort Canning

A couple of days ago, i had what in my books was an excellent hard run with the CBD folks doing the Fort Canning route. I cant quite remember whether I have ever managed to run 5 loops on top of Fort Canning so may be this time around counted as a first. I clocked a total of 13.78 kms in a total running time of 1:20 and ran the bulk of the distance well under a 6min/km pace.

One of the reasons i felt good about this run was that I had had good nutritious food the entire day, was well hydrated and hadnt run the previous day so was in a good mood to start with. :) The weather was not bad either although a lil less humidity here in Singapore is always welcome.

I ran in my NB RT801 midfoot strike shoes, and i am increasingly convinced that it has been money very well spent. Its light, helps me maintain my strike and is slowly but surely strengthening my calves as midfoot running would tend to do. Towards the end of the run, my calves were starting to feel really tired as these are still early days for me changing from heel strike to midfoot strike. I had originally planned to run my first 10km race in VFF KSOs at the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run on Sep 5th but now will attempt to do so on Aug 14th at the Republic Run, so i need to invest as much time as i can in ensuring my legs are strong enough to endure a race paced midstrike run.

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