Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding my running legs...

About 2 weeks ago, i ran at McRitchie on Sunday after playing a couple of hours of badminton the previous day and although i tried denying it for as long as possible, i couldnt help notice that i simply am not good enough in recovering from 2 hours of badminton singles within a day to run 20+ kms the next day. Therefore i decided that for the sake of my running life, my badminton life needs to tone down a bit and i will play not more than 1 hour of singles if i am running in the next couple of days. Around precisely the same time is when i started experiencing a palpable pain in my right shin and i was hoping against hope, that this wasnt shin splints. I decided to play it safe and took a break from running for 3 days with only swimming and home workouts saving me from the definition of a total couch potato. That turned out to be a smart thing as i found that at the end of those 3 days, my shin pain had practically disappered and i was raring to hit the roads again.

So Sunday morning brought me to MR again and since the better half decided to start a few minutes behind me, i started out on my own picking my way gently through the trail. I knew that the earlier time i was there, i tried forcing the pace early on and paid heavily for it in the second half of the run. After switching my 305 on, i decided i wasnt going to look at it until i finished the run and somehow i did manage to do that. I steadily increased my pace for the first 5 kms of the run finishing my 5th km in 5:50 and then pretty much held that pace for the remainder of the run.. with a 5:27 pace at the 10th km. End result: 10kms in 61 minutes, which if not the best, is easily one of my best times in MR.

I also think that a few pictures would add a bit of life to my blog so from my next run on, i think i will carry my pocket cam along !! :)

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