Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 is now a thing of the past .. and with it, my running during those 365 days. Its been such a mixed bag for me that i am wary of describing the entire year with just a single adjective ... i came off a slump in end 2011 with no running and 4kgs overweight in Nov 2011 after Deepavali. I started a 3 month training plan in Dec 2011 to run the Tokyo Marathon in Feb 2012 and miraculously ran a sub-4 on just those 3 months of training. With the beggar hitting the lottery jackpot, the fall from grace was swift with the next 4-5 months of complete slacking and doing very little running before finding the groove again in August where i clocked 230+kms and probably that was too much too soon and again the familiar pattern of a drop in mileage happened to no running in Sept-Oct-Nov whence i lined up for the Osaka marathon and crawled to a 5:52 finish. I decided to change this totally erratic running behavior starting Dec where i found myself in the same place as i had been in 2011 - no running and 4 kgs overweight.

 So my plan for Dec 2012 was to just run consistently and easy and get out of the door often enough. That has happened and i have run 175kms in Dec mostly very easy (my slowest monthly pace for the entire year i think).

The New Year is now upon us and i have tried to keep my running objectives very simple:-

1. Run consistently (week after week, month after month): This has been the biggest bane of my life and where i have maximum room for improvement. No matter what, i should be running a minimum of 45 kms every week.

2. Run variety: I need to add some mix to both terrain and workout type to what i am doing currently. My current routes are restricted to Bishan PCN, McRitchie and Home Slopes (some slopes near my place). I want to actively add Mount Faber, Bukit Timah Hill, Old Upper Thomson Road and ECP (for LSDs) to the mix.

3. Lose weight and never binge: My weight has largely been in line with my erratic running. I run, i lose weight.  I slack, i gain it back. I want to as a first goal, get down to 71kgs and stay there for a while before trying to go down to 68kgs.

4. Have fun running: A constant in all my years of running (i will be entering my 4th year of reasonably regular running).

5. Travel to Run: This is more of a wish than an objective. First up i hope to line up again at Tokyo end Feb.

I hope this blog helps to crystallize my objectives in mind as well - to an extent, that it becomes second nature for me to execute the training plan i have put together for each of the upcoming races. I will write-in again at the end of this month to see how the first month has been.

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