Sunday, August 7, 2011

The week that was ..

Yesterday's run closed out a very interesting week for me. I was on 33kms for the week pre Friday's run and i thought that if were to run a recovery 5km then, and do the usual OUTR 16km run the next day morning, i would be fine with my general plan of hitting 50kms a week.

Friday night, i had to go to the airport to pick up the missus and after i hit the sack from then, never really managed to threaten the alarm clock and finally woke up at around 9am. So my sat morning plan went down the drain.

After entertaining friends who had come over for lunch, the evening was spent doing random stuff on the comp / ipad and before i knew it was time to hit the sack. And with that, yet another valiant plan was made to get up early on Sunday morning and make amends for the fiasco earlier on Sat. Once again, i woke up when the rooster would have finished crowing and then gone on holiday. :)

So that gave me basically an evening with an opportunity to get my mileage target. And thankfully, midday had witnessed some very strong showers so the early afternoon was pretty cool. Having had a sumptious lunch at Murugan Idly, and having spent time playing with my 1 yr old niece, and having finished my office work, at around 4pm i got the urge to go and run. The plan was to run atleast 12kms, and if i felt alright, do 16km with an outside shot at running 20kms. Since one of my goals to better marathoning is to shed some unwanted weight, i decided to just run on water. So with my 1L handheld bottle, i set off in some sunny but otherwise great conditions for a run.

I managed to run an extremely steady run at Bishan PCN. Since i dont have a pace target anyways, i just ran by feel and the lovely weather made this a lot easier than i would have expected it to be. My inner dialogue during the run was extremely active and i was forever thinking about that particular run, as well as about statistical odds in poker for various pre-flop hands (my newly re-ignited interest). Net-Net, i ran for 2 hours and change, without any stops, and without any external fuel. At the end of the run, i felt fatigued in a nice way, if that was possible. Also, it was a good confidence booster to be able to run the distance, no matter what time it took, in a "strong" way.

The following week shall be my easy week, where i will back off on mileage, to probably around 35kms - 40kms before continuing on for the remainder of the month.

Happy running folks.

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