Monday, September 6, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 10km Race Review - Part 1

The gods must be smiling at me. There is absolutely no other rational explanation for my race performance at the YRPR 10km race yesterday. It was belting rain right from the start. I was soaked wet and like almost every one else, could barely do a warm-up because of the weather. To top it off, i was running in my VFF KSOs which were wet as well and i was worried i might not be able to run properly. Fact of the matter is, when i crossed the finish line, the clock read 49:01. Thats 4:53 min/km for 10km flat out. And my new PR by miles. If there was a Cloud 99, i would have been on that yesterday !! :) Today i am just on Cloud 9.

As I never tire of telling this, since I got my Garmin last August, i have clocked 1300 kms. Of these 1300 kms exactly 2 kms have been faster than a 5 min pace. So it was of course an insane pipe dream to think about running a sub-50 min 10km race. In fact, i was a little nervous that i wouldnt be able to beat my 52:42 set at the Republic Run 3 weeks ago as the YRPR course had more slopes. I just dont know how i managed the time i did. Of course, when i was running, i never looked at my Garmin for speed/time etc and just ran in a "comfortably" hard way. I had some signs of mild stitches around the 7 km mark, but figured that i would just push through a little bit. Since i dodged a few runners and had to run criss-cross a few times during the race, my Garmin recorded a distance of 10.11km. As per my 305, i crossed 10kms in 48:38 !!

I will write the next part of the Race Review which gives a more detailed account of how it all came down .. :)

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  1. sub 50 in the rain is an awesome effort is not too far away:) keep up the enthu! cheers shiva