Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bringing my Garmin back to life ...

First up, you need to appreciate the gravity of the situation here ... of late my Garmin 305, had been sputtering in the middle of a run every once in a while and it was causing me headache enough to warrant hunting for a solution. I kinda figured that since this was happening intermittently, it had to be a loose contact. Contacting Garmin lead me to believe that the 112 USD that it would cost me to fix it would be better worth spending by topping up and getting a new one. Instead i chanced upon this and being totally inspired, succeeded in ripping my Garmin into 2 parts and then while attempting to fix the bent battery contact, broke it off completely.

As things stand now, for just 4 SGD, my Garmin is up and running and working better than ever before. How in the world did i do that, you ask??

Some other time ....

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