Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And the road goes on and on ...

I find myself in a familiar place in my running life as i write this piece .. Not knowing what to focus on after prematurely achieving the Sub-4 target for this year resulted in an absolute degradation of running discipline and lacklustre outings on the road the past few months with total mileage across May-July being less than 140kms. Given that Osaka is only a few months away and given the pathetic shape i am in now, i decided to take things up seriously starting August and just start running consistently.

I wanted to do things right from Aug 1st but didnt manage to run the first few days and that wasnt very motivating. The one thing that i started doing after that was to get out of the door everyday .. run slow but run nevertheless. So, having done that consistently for the last 20 days or so, is bringing back the psyche i maintained when i was training similarly in the run up to the Tokyo Marathon.

Still its a long way to go and this is only a small step.

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