Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new beginning ...

2012 should hopefully be radically different from 2011 as far as my running is concerned. Sep-Nov 2011 was a complete disaster with combined mileage for the 3 months at 160kms. Thankfully, i have got out of the doldrums, with a 160km+ month in Dec'11.

Tokyo is looming less than 60 days away and i need to make the most of 2 months in order to have a half-decent shot at running the marathon in respectable time. Dejavu! Last year was very similar except that December'2010 was an even bigger washout with only 1 run and then none for 3-4 weeks following that. So as on date, i am in a better position this year, than i was at the same time last year.

Goal race is still likely to be Gold Coast and i will plan my training and goal pace around how i do in Tokyo. Have already signed up for the Sundown Half Marathon so that should be sweet timing as part of the training towards GC.

I think i should have a mileage target for 2012 .. and i think 2500kms sounds like a good round number to aim for.

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