Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Blistering" speed ??

Havent blogged in a while on my running so thought I need to break the monotony today.

Tuesday, ran with the CBD folks and was my first run after having slacked for 4 days on a trip to Chennai. I ran all the way upto the top of Mt.Faber and by far, has been my best run there till date. Usually i need to stop twice but didnt feel tired this time around.

Swam yesterday in my condo - except for a gentleman who for some reason was swimming the width, my swim was uneventful, relaxed and enjoyable.

Today was a run in my VFFs and for some reason while i started out to have a very nice easy paced run, i went nuts from the 2nd km onwards or so. Averaged 10kph for the 8.4kms which didnt include a couple of breaks i took to stretch my legs. Feet got really hot inside the VFFs today as I was pounding concrete and the weather sucked big time to boot. Now feeling very tender on the base of both my feet. Hoping it gets a lot better ahead of my 30kms run tomorrow at ECP with a local running group.

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